Which Series Are You Dying to Play on the PS4 - Part 2?


New poll

With some of options you guys gave in the first poll, plus a few additional ones, here's the second poll of the series that you can't wait to play on the PS4. It was another tough choice for me, but I went with Dynasty Warriors, as even though the series can get repetitive, I still never seem to tire of it, and I think it's a series that could really improve immensely with more processing power, more than just about any other series.

Change for the future

I know Xbox and Ps3 have had their up's and down's in the past, but once Ps3 releases "MAG" ( Which i am dying to play ) it will change the way we play shooter games forever... it will be an epic game, but you have to think about those on the Xbox platform of gaming. I was once a dedicated freak to online gaming on Xbox, until after 3 years i just didn't want to waste my money on gaming, but try and make it more a casual thing, rather than a second life. I turned to Ps3 after my subscribtion had expired on Xbox, getting use to the controller was not a problem, but not being able to play all my favourite games from Xbox, i had to force myself away from games like "Gears of War 1" ( Not GoW2, i believe that was a complete fail from the first one ), "Halo 3" and well those are the games, more or less my addiction that made me hold on to Xbox... So please if this does get fully read and not just pushed aside as junk, 'Think about what the people want and not what the bosses think is best.' Start fresh over with Microsoft or who ever runs Xbox and see if you could make these exclusive games a thing of the past, so people like me ( nerds ) can enjoy all of our games without having to frequently switch platforms every time we rage quit. Please inform me of any further news at iparaliiezz@gmail.com or my Ps3 user account 'TOKHARD'.


I can understand that. Playing online can definitely get addicting. I love online gaming, but I try to avoid it myself for the most part, as it's easy to get consumed by it. I would rather play a couple hours a day offline and still have time to work out, read, chase girls, hang out with friends, play and watch sports, etc., rather than play online for 8 hours a day, and get nothing else accomplished, no matter how fun it may be.

As for system exclusivity, obviously games like Halo (published by Microsoft) would never be released on a Sony platform, and vice versa, but I think we have reached a point now where most major third party games are seeing release on both platforms (not counting the Wii, which has a completely different library and style of gaming). Companies realize it makes more sense than keeping a game exclusive to one console or another, though by the same token, it increases the competition for sales on each system, as there are more games taking up shelf space.


I THINK SONY && MICROSOFT SHOLD COME TOGETHER AND MAKE SUME KIND OF SYSTEM THAT YOU CAN PLAY XBOX 360 GAMES && PS3 GAME . IN STEAD OF BUYING TWO DIFFERINT THINGS THAT DO THE SAME THING BUT SERTEN GAME THAT CANT BE PLAYED LIKE FOR EXAMPLE PS3 cant play HALO && 360 cant play LITTELPLANT OR MAG THAY NEED TO MAKE A SYSTEM THAT plays 2 things and 360 cant surf the internet but ps3 can and 360 can hear music while playing a game but ps3 cant but on sume games and people wont talk trash about PS3 &&& XBOX 360. well thats WHAT I THINK SO YEA IF ANYONE THAT IS READING THIS YOU CAN ADD ME ON PS3 THA NAME IS YOUNG_ON512 or my yahoo email YOUNG_ON512@YAHOO.com ยป

Which series are you dying to see on ps4

I didnt like that poll. it was difficult to pick one so I just chose other. I mean come on you cant honestly expect us to pick just one. All my favorite series were on the poll, god of war, cod, gran turismo, madden, grand theft auto, etc.. I felt like a mother who's house just got broken into by a mad man with a gun, he pointed the gun at my children and told me to pick one that could live. It was an impossible choice, it needs to be remade so that you can pick more then one.

Grand Theft Auto V

well, im dying to play GTA V in ps4, because I LOVE open world games with action, and I played all GTA series so im waiting for GTA V to be released in ps4 !!
Thank you,
-Biant P.


yeah I know there are a few on there I would like to see/play on ps4 but also some I didn't see on there but yeah I can't wait till it comes out to play all the games I like

Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4

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and lets keep upping the ante

Japanese Anime and the REMAKE of FINAL FANTASY VII!!!

I love to have some of the Japanese animes that became games and in English so I can play them!!! Like Vampire Knight and Gundam Seed / Destiny series!!!

I love to see a remake of Final Fantasy VII since it's only better one I like!!! That game is getting older, so it's going to be hard to play it on the newer PlayStations. So, they better get going!!!