Who's your favorite game developer?



How is Konami, Nintendo, Square Enix, Ubisoft, and many others not on this list? Realistically Bioware, Bethesda, Rockstar do not have a legitimate place on this poll, despite how great they may be.


U forgot Capcom :D

nuaghty dog

what about naughtydog the makers of uncharted 1,2,and 3,the last of us,and much more. probs the best game developerer ever reply if you agree

Definitely gotta have Naughty Dog

This developer is awesome, what they've managed to do with the PS3's hardware is quite mind blowing, I can only imaging what they'd be able to accomplish with 10 times that power, more RAM (4GB of stacked DDR 4 is rumoured to be what will go into PS4 and that's apparently got twice the transfer rate of GDDR5) and a tonne of new features.

With a developer like ND a game like Uncharted would be rendered in full 1920x1080, running at 60 FPS, with masses of detail & perfect lighting.
I think AMDs statements of next gen consoles being capable of Avatar level graphics would become a reality with ND at the helm of their games.

The AI in The Last of Us is truly something amazing that ND has achieved.

IMO ND has to be one of the best game developers, SCEI being another with what they did with God Of War 3, Ascension looks amazing too.
With modern hardware these developers will create some amazing games.
I personally hope the license becomes free on Gears Of War and we can see a Gears game on a Sony machine, Epic does some wonderful things too.
I can't wait to see what these developers will be able to do with the boost in power PS4 will have over PS3.


Naughty Dog and Sucker Punch all the way


wheres treyarch and infinity ward surely they deserve a place on this poll, if EA is here!..... BF3 RULES!!!!


...Cause it's friggin awesome, i love Ratchet & Clank :)

Half agree with you there!

Half agree with you there! Infinity ward does deserve a spot in this poll.

EA? Really?

Ea is a terrible company that i would love to see burn.

I voted bethesda. All their games are good and free of ALWAYS ON DRM and have NO HIDDEN FEES AND MICROTRANSIONS.