Obama owns a PS4?

Obama Likes Leading Technology, the PS4 will have it:

obama ps4 gaming
Nov 2012 - Obama & PS4 Prototype - Photoshopped, just maybe...

Step aside Modern Warfare, Call of Duty and Battlefield. When it comes to fighting real life terrorists there is one man who calls the shots. Obama's secret weapon; could be the PS4. Guess who took out the world's most wanted terrorist with our elite military intelligence and special forces? That's right Obama.. Some rumor the PS4 dev kit was out long before 2012... There are going to be 4 more years with Obama and technology will play a major part in that. Now I know that President Obama did encourage parents to turn off the video games and give there kids a book, however President Obama is a big tech lover. I am serious, I have heard that the White House has robots from Japan that actually do most of the cleaning. What is even more amazing about this, is that the tech that powers these amazing cleaning robots is no where near as powerful as what the PlayStation 4 is going to be. This has got President Obama very excited and is looking to really get into video games.

Barack Obama has been looking at a way to connect a little more with the younger generation. He did actually try and get into a little Call of Duty and Battlefield on the PlayStation 3, but the console was just not powerful enough for the President. But the PS4 is looking like its going to blur the lines between gaming and reality and this is something that the President is really excited about.

Obama is a winner, so is the PS4:

barack obama playstation 4President Obama is a winner and so will be the Playstation 4! The amazingly powerful technology that has gotten President Obama very interested in the PlayStation 4 is because he is a winner and he likes to associate himself with other things that are winners. The PlayStation 4 is looking like its going to be the most powerful gaming console in the world! That is why the President will only be seen playing the PlayStation 4 and nothing else.

Word is, that the PlayStation 4 will be out before the Xbox 720. Not that it matters to President Obama when it hits the stores. You see he is going to be one of the very first people to "officially" get there hands on a Play-station 4 even though he already have dev prototype versions. There are rumors that the whole Kevin Butler/Sony lawsuit was fake, and it was a excuse so that President Obama could take over and be the star of the PlayStation 4 commercials.

He is the president, he's got game:

Sony Kazuo Hirai Barack Obama Playstation 4

One thing that has been leaked and this really does go to show just how excited he is for the Play-station 4. One of his first acts after his re-election was to make a special gaming console tech team. This special team is however rumored to have been created for one main reason only. The PlayStation 4 launch! As mentioned President Obama will be one of the first heads of state to get there hands on one of these bad boys, but that is not enough. He want’s to get so immersed into the gaming culture and get to know why people love gaming so much, that his team is planning on going to the video game store that is just three blocks away from the White House for the midnight launch.

Of course he is the President, so he does need a little security doesn’t he? But the word coming out of the White House is that getting in line for the midnight PlayStation 4 launch is one of his top priorities.

Of course as amazing as the PlayStation 4 will be from a technical point of view its the games that really mater and this is where President Obama is having a bit of a hard time. While the current generation of consoles did not really convert him into a hardcore gamer, he is looking to become one. A White House insider revealed that President Obama is very hopeful that there will be a Uncharted game out at the launch of the PlayStation 4. He loved these games so much that his back-up plan, had he not been re-elected, was to go and be a treasure hunter just like his new hero Nathan Drake. A rumored title for the next Uncharted is Uncharted 4: The Presidents Rises. Could this perhaps point to President Obama helping out Nathan Drake in his next adventure? Believe it...

Article by - Jason Delacey
Insert Date: 11/10/2012 (Article intended for satirical purposes only - Please do not take it seriously. We can neither confirm nor deny that Obama owns a PS4)

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